Cocaine Addiction: What it is, Treatment, and More

The impairment of judgment and loss of impulse control further promotes high-risk behaviors, sometimes increasing the risk of accidents or exposure to infections like HIV and hepatitis C. There are a number of complications of cocaine addiction, and they can differ depending on your method of using the drug. When snorted, smoked, or injected, cocaine induces intense feelings of euphoria. Over time, however, the body alters its own natural patterns in terms of production and reuptake of the neurotransmitters.

  • Purchasing this drug from an unknown dealer can be particularly dangerous, as many dealers will dilute their product with substances such as flour or baking soda in order to increase their profits.
  • Cocaine addiction is something that plagues many individuals throughout Pennsylvania and the world.
  • Treatment for a Cocaine addiction typically involves detox and therapy in an inpatient rehabilitation program.
  • These symptoms can last for weeks, making it difficult to stay clean.

To learn more about how we can facilitate your continuing care, contact us today. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug, but not everyone who uses it will develop dependence. Experts believe that a person’s risk for becoming addicted to cocaine may be influenced by a variety of genetic and environmental factors.

How to Find Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Prolonged use of cocaine over time can take a serious toll on the body. It is not uncommon for those suffering from an addiction to cocaine to experience abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, weight loss, headaches, heart attack, stroke, seizures, respiratory arrest, and even death. Now classified as a Schedule II drug, cocaine is recognized as a substance with a high potential for misuse, abuse, and addiction. When purchased on the street, cocaine comes in a fine, white powder that is referred to by many names including powder, blow, snow, and coke. Purchasing this drug from an unknown dealer can be particularly dangerous, as many dealers will dilute their product with substances such as flour or baking soda in order to increase their profits. The chemical forms of cocaine can be consumed in a variety of ways, including through snorting, injecting, or smoking.

  • However, with the right mindset, support, and tools, it is possible to overcome a cocaine addiction.
  • Stabilizing those conditions may also decrease your craving for cocaine.
  • These uncomfortable side effects can include paranoia, panic, anxiety, depression, and restlessness.
  • Throughout each step of the treatment process, the medical team at our center offers support and guidance, from diagnosis to detoxification, through long-term recovery planning.

If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction, getting help is key. Rehabs UK offers a range of treatment options, including residential rehab, outpatient programmes, and aftercare services. We have a team of experts who can provide advice and support to help you or your loved one overcome addiction. Without professional intervention, cocaine use disorder can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Physical Health Complications

The high from snorting is relatively slow in onset, and may last 15 to 30 minutes, while that from smoking may last 5 to 10 minutes. Gateway was one of the best decisions of my life they truly saved me from the road I was headed down! Cocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs in the United States. It’s derived from coca leaves, a plant most commonly found in South America. One way to limit the damage caused by cocaine use is to get medical assistance immediately and take decisive action to avoid relapse. Usually, people taking a mixture are unaware they have bought altered cocaine, leading to the possibility of injury, illness, or death.

cocaine addiction treatment

Treatment can be done on an outpatient basis or as part of a residential treatment program. Interventions focusing on behavior are often used along with medications. Cocaine is a dangerous and addictive drug, but with proper treatment, recovery is possible. Treatment for Cocaine addiction involves detox, medications, and therapy, and it works best with support from family, friends, and professionals. We offer several ways to help those who are struggling with addictions.

About Cocaine

Above all else, remain a constant source of encouragement and support for your loved one at all times. Treatment is an important step, but it is just one step on a long path. Plan to be there for every step of your loved one’s recovery journey. This drug is a Class II central nervous system stimulant that elicits euphoria and a sense of invincibility in users. The heightened, pleasurable feelings obtained when someone first uses coke often lead to a cycle of use and abuse that devastates lives and often leads to financial ruin.

cocaine addiction treatment

Some people might require intensive outpatient care due to outside responsibilities or simply because inpatient care isn’t the right option. At every level of care, you’ll have access to various treatments, such as group therapy, CBT or motivational interviewing. Your treatment plan can also be adjusted as you continue the path to recovery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is used alongside other treatment methods.

Our admissions team is here to help guide you through the process of understanding your insurance coverage and what to expect as far as treatment costs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have about payment or insurance coverage. We’re here to help you get the treatment you need to start building a better tomorrow. There are many signs that may indicate someone is addicted to cocaine.

  • You may develop thinning or deterioration of the septum nasi (the septal cartilage in your nose) if you snort the drug.
  • At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, our Arizona Cocaine Rehab program will help address you or your loved one’s specific needs in order to help them along the road to recovery.
  • The mesocortical dopamine system plays a central role in the reinforcing effects of cocaine.18–21 Mesocortical dopaminergic neurons receive modulatory inputs from both GABergic and glutaminergic neurons.
  • Without professional help at a cocaine rehab program, many quickly go back to using the drug to get relief from their symptoms.
  • There are many signs that may indicate someone is addicted to cocaine.

Gateway Foundation has many clinical services that can be implemented in an aftercare plan, such as the 12 step addiction treatment program. During your stay, you’ll have access to multiple forms of treatment, such as group and individual therapy, to help you understand your addiction and treat any underlying causes. We treat mental health conditions simultaneously with your addiction so that you can learn healthy coping mechanisms and habits. Anything you might need during your recovery will be available to you at all times so you can take full advantage of the benefits of residential treatment.

Injecting releases the drug directly into the bloodstream, and heightens the intensity of its effects. Smoking involves the inhalation of cocaine vapor or smoke into the lungs, where absorption into the bloodstream is as rapid as by injection. Some users combine cocaine powder or crack with heroin in a “speedball.”

cocaine addiction treatment

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